We agree on the choice of hotel: Monika, the 5-star wellness hotel in South Tyrol. But when it comes to choosing the room, we are torn. One the one hand, we are totally into design and in the Monika 5-star hotel South Tyrol we love the Pinus and In Style rooms and the rooms in the brand new part of the hotel: Sportive, Fashion, Nature, Berg.Tal, 40. In the summer the Giardino deluxe with its generous South facing patio is an excellent option at the Monika 5-star hotel in the Dolomites. In the winter we find Geier Wally particularly cosy. Room 1930 of the 5-star hotel in the Dolomites offers a step back in time. Those who prefer plenty of Monika for their money should opt for the Comfort room.
Whichever way you choose, we can guarantee one thing: You will have a wonderful time at the Monika 5-star hotel in Dolomites - South Tyrol!