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Alpine massage at your wellness hotel in the Dolomites

... for your relaxing wellness holiday in the mountains


Alpine Massage

Classic partial or whole body massage with circulation improving arnica or nerve calming St. John's wort oil. This massage allows for particularly intensive treatments of specific parts of the body.

25 min.   € 38,00
50 min.   € 63,00


Aroma Oil Massage

This whole body massage aids in particular the loosening of the locomotor system and the circulatory system and increases blood flow through the body. With this classical massage we adjust our selected organic aromas specifically to your problems and wishes: relaxing and calming effects or vitalising, tensioning effects.

25 min.   €38,00
50 min.   €63,00


Alpine Herb Pistil Massage

This herb pistil massage is an ideal combination of classic massage, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and effective heat treatment. The steam heated herb pistils encourage circulation, aid relaxation and activate the metabolism.

Partial body massage - 25 min.   € 39,00
Full body massage - 50 min.   € 64,00


Alpine Swiss pine massage

Sensing nature directly on your body, with special sticks of Swiss pine this massage becomes a unique experience. This special massage technique is used to loosen and relax the muscles. The power of the various coniferous trees strengthens the respiratory tract and the immune system. A walk through the South Tyrolean forests.

50 min.   € 75,00


Massage of the reflex zones of the foot

Massaging the reflex zones of the foot is an alternative treatment method. The theory of reflex zones is based on the belief that certain zones on the soles of the feet are linked with inner organs and that a massage can have a positive effect.

25 min.   € 35,00
45 min.   € 53,00


Massage Stimulating the Lymphatic System (Face - Legs)

A special massage technique is used to stimulate lymphatic circulation, reduce the retention of liquids in the tissue and detox the body.

Partial body massage - 25 min.   € 39,00
Full body massage - 50 min.   € 61,00


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a fascinating combination of soothing wellness massage and the pleasant heat of hot lava stones. Relaxation from the very first moment! Hot stone massage helps strengthen the immune system, energy and reflex zones and connective tissue and provides soothing moments for the soul.

75 min.   € 88,00


Energetic stone - rock crystal ritual

This unique ritual with rock crystals and the warm volcanic stones infuses you with new energy for your everyday life. The rock crystals give your body new energy, the warm volcanic stones melt away any tension.

75 min.   € 88,00


Resonance massages

A massage combination of loose massage movements and heat as well as soft loosening of knotted muscles with traditional massage cupping. Just as helpful and effective are singing bowls whose vibrations dissolve any remaining tension.

50 min.   € 68,00


Dorn-Breuss massage

The Dorn method is used predominantly for back and joint problems. This method is used to correct the posture of the body when the pelvis is misaligned. Breuss massage is administered after the Dorn massage to stimulate the muscles around the spine. It also dissolves deep internal blockages. For our Breuss massage we use St. John's wort oil.

50 min.   € 68,00


Trigger point Massage

Firm targeted muscle massage to loosen painful muscle tension. Trigger points are caused by muscle injuries, one sided physical burdens, inappropriate burdens or excessive burdens, operations and similar. The aim of the massage is to loosen the tension, to encourage blood circulation of the muscle and to relax it.

Combined with mud pack, fango pack, hot cherry stone pillows.

25 min.   € 42,00
45 min.   € 72,00


Colon massage

Colon massage is an abdominal massage with slow movements putting pressure on the colon, encouraging its activity.

25 min.   € 38,00


Honey massage

During a honey massage the power of honey is used to restore the body’s natural capacity to detoxify. Honey is first applied to the back, the skin is then smoothed with honey old, toning the tissue.

50 min.   € 75,00
25 min.   € 43,00

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