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Facial treatments at your wellness hotel in the Dolomites

... for your wellbeing holiday in Sesto Alta Pusteria

Algomega Treatment

The professional treatment features – The Algomega Extracts eriche whit Arnica and Bitter Aloe Extracts ( soothing and regerenating ) and the warm mask that forms a cocoon which gently infuses the active ingredients of the products info the heart of the skin. Relaxed. The skin softens and finds the comfort which it was lacking.

60 min.  € 65,00

The special O² Protect treatment for dull and tired skin

The strengthening and regenerating special O² Protect treatment can be carried out to cool or to warm you. Its new active ingredient O² Protect vitalises and protects your skin. Free radicals are neutralised and your skin is provided with the optimum protection against harmful environmental influences and stress factors such as UV-rays, exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke.
The outcome: Your skin appears clear, full of energy and extraordinary radiance.

60 min.  € 60,00

Thalgo Basic treatment

The maritime facial treatment for all skin types. Relax with this basic treatment and allow yourself to be pampered with cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, serum, small facial massage, creme pack and day-cream.

50 min.  € 60,00

Cold mask anti stress treatment

Is your skin very sensitive, tender and often red and irritated? This special treatment creates a calming environment for your skin. It is based on extremely soft white clay and a wonderfully cooling milk. Menthol and peppermint oil strengthen the skin and help to reduce swellings. Wrinkles are smoothed and the metabolism boosted. The swelling reducing cooling effect leaves you with fresh and radiant skin.

60 min.  € 68,00

Collagen treatment against tiny wrinkles and expression lines

Based on an active ingredient from maritime collagen this anti ageing treatment provides deep moisturisation for your skin and regenerates it. Wrinkles are smoothed out and their reappearance is slowed down. The collagen booster is like a youth concentrate drink acting from the inside. The collagen mask leaves you with a rosy complexion with more luminous radiance.

60 min.  € 80,00

Beautiful moments

The special eye treatment for fresh, revitalised and younger eyes. After soft cleansing the eye mask pads with their maritime amino acids bathe your eyes as with the waters from the fountain of youth. A massage with the anti ageing eye cream gives your skin a youthful appearance. The outcome: Revitalised, silken soft and younger eyes.

60 min.  € 49,00

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